INTRODUCING:  12 Simple steps to Optimize Blood sugars and Insulin Sensitivity with Food
What to put on your plate
Lower Your A1c and Blood Sugars

~Limited Time Offer~

You can do this . . .
This downloadable, digital e-book has the 12 step framework that will guide you to know exactly how to:
  • Choose the Best Plant Foods: To lower insulin resistance
  • ​Prioritize:  The most dangerous foods that need to go first
  • Understand: The science behind food choices
  • Enjoy: Better health, one step at a time
  • Keep: Your eyesight, kidneys, and limbs
  $12 for 12 steps (Normally $29)
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Lucia Tiffany MPH RN has a passion for supporting women in their journey to optimal health through education and coaching. She seeks to empower women to take charge of their own health and this includes working to prevent and reverse chronic lifestyle diseases such as diabetes and pre-diabetes. She's a natural educator who has a knack for presenting principles of wholistic living in an easy to understand and actionable format. 
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